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Release date : 02/02/2018
Music Collection - 8.28MB.

Portable edition - 8.23MB

GSoft4U-Music Collection-Available languages
Available translations


The following list is consisted from languages already added to the program.
These translations are becoming incomplete as new strings are added with the program updates.
If you want to help with an incomplete translation, download the language .po file from the list and fill all the values you can translate. For this task it is recommended to use the poEdit tool.
After saving the .po file, send it to the email :


To test the changes, copy the compiled .mo file to the folder :
[Installation_folder]\Music Collection\locale\[Your_langouage]\LC_MESSAGES, if you use the portable version, else to the folder :
C:\ProgramData\GSoft4u\Music Collection\locale\[Your_langouage]\LC_MESSAGES and run the program with the language selected.

What's new
11 16 2017
Released version 2.9

02 02 2018
Released build

  • Added : Album filtering in the web search results.
  • Added : Web search > New artists are saved on file.
  • Added : Artists category in manage program data.
  • Fixed : Amazon request problem.

12 13 2017
Released build

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